1. What insights do the book and the media sources offer about the distinct experiences of women in the Civil Rights movement?
2. What kinds of leadership skills did these women like Fannie Lou display?
3. To what extent do these sources about Fannie Lou Hamer’s story reveal about the many obstacles facing her and, more generally, the Civil Right activist? ( Provide at least 3 examples from the reading or the Media sources)
Lyndon Johnson is regarded as one of the most powerful Allies of the modern Civil 4. Rights Movement. After reading the Washington Post article and watching “The American Experience” clip – do you think that President Johnson was a true ally? Why or why not?
5. While Anne Moody and Fannie Lou Hamer were icons in the movement [living in the same state, both members of SNCC, focused on the task at hand for voter registration etc] how were their lives different???
6. How did they both embody the Movement?
7. What else have you come to understand about Mrs. Hamer that you may not have