Course outcome

These are the learning outcomes which are reflected in the assignment guidelines and which you will be assessed by.


  1. Explore well-being, health and illness within the context of individuals, families, communities and society using a holistic approach in all fields of practice.
  2. Identify the influence of factors such as diversity, culture, environment, physiology, psychology and socio economics on health and recovery in all fields of practice.
  3. Examine current strategies to promote health in all fields of practice.
  4. Discuss the role of the nurse and other members of the inter-professional team across the lifespan of an individual in all fields of practice.
  5. Demonstrate how the attitudes knowledge and skills developed within



Avoid writing in the first person – using ‘I’ and ‘we’.  Also be careful about personalizing information by using ‘you’ in an academic assignment. Professional and non-judgmental language is expectedthe module will inform practice.



Identify one health issue, define it and provide some appropriate statistic

In introduction Please include these:

Begin your assignment with a concise introduction outlining what you have been asked to include in your work. This should includeidentification of:

  • Onechosen health issue,
  • Thetwofactors which you intend to cover,
  • The nameof the health promotion strategy/policy which you will explore – this needs to be correctlynamed and referenced,
  • The 3 fields of nursingthat you are not studying and will be discussing in relation to the chosen health issue (These will be the 3 fields of nursing which you are not studying).

The health Issue I chose is SMOKING.

For Introduction write about smoking and why is it is an issue, ( Reference and Evidence) need some statistic factors, talk about statistic. Field of nursing)

Who smokes more men or women. (reference and evidence)

Do smoking kill? (Reference and Evidence)

  1. Choose 2 factors from the following: Diversity, Culture, Environment, Physiology, Psychology and Socio – economics. Explore how two factors may influence the health of the individual in relation to your chosen health issue andthe influence of the health issue on the wider society.

The two factor I choose is

Environment- For eg; Parent smoke child is more likely to smoke (Passive Smoking) Please don’t forget to reference and evidience

Culture: For eg; if the costume of the family is to smoke than children are likely to smoke, Culture encourages behaviours. Please don’t forget to reference and evidence)


  1. Identify and evaluate a current health promotion strategy/policy to prevent illness and improve quality of life for individuals and society in relation to the chosen health issue. Only one strategy/policy should be included and it should relate to the United Kingdom (UK).

 Need to choose a Guidelines that is SMOKING

 Evaluate it (who is it for)

Include if it works

Is the guideline up to date?

Obstructs of the policy

Leaflet, Advertisement, G.P


you then need to summaries the key points of how the identified strategy or policy is intended to influence a healthier lifestyle.

Then you need to evaluate if it has achieved its intentions

  1. Discuss the difference in emphasis within the role of the nurse in terms of attitudes, knowledge and skills applied in the 3 other fields of nursing (that you are NOT currently studying) in assisting an individual to improve their quality of life through promoting health and recovery in relation to the chosen health issue. Briefly identify other members of the inter-professional team who may have input into the care.

You need to discuss the role of the nurse in the 3 other fields of nursing that you are NOT currently studying (see below).



These are the three field of nursing I want you to write


Mental Health Child, Adult and Learning Disability Nursing Fields
Learning Disability Child, Adult and Mental Health Nursing Fields
Child Mental Health, Adult and Learning Disability Nursing Fields


Mental Health Field of Nursing                                                                              

  • Define field of nursing
  • Give examples of what characteristics a person with mental health issues may exhibit
  • What is the role of the mental health nurse in promoting healthregarding the chosen health issue
  • Reducing stigma attached to mental health issues
  • Nurse being the service user’s advocate
  • Promoting recovery
  • Service user compliance to treatment/health promotion advice


  • Useful document: The Mental Health Taskforce (2016) The five year forward view for mental health.


Mental Health: Define Mental Health

Reference what mental health does.

What condition are you talking about? (BIOPOLAR) They may lack capacity.

Can include 6C AND 4A

4A’s; Ask, Act, Assess, Affirm

6C’s ; Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment

Don’t judge the patients

Demonstrate the benefit they get by stopping smoking.

What is the reason that they are smoking?

Please Reference and Evidence


Child Field of Nursing                                                                                                                     

  • Define field of nursing
  • Consider how the development of the child may impact on the nurse’s role
  • What is the role of the child nurse in promoting health regarding the chosen health issue
    • In the development of a child
    • Role of play and health education
    • The role of the family – family centred care
    • Promoting healthier lifestyle within a family



Children Nurse: Define Children Nurse

Reference what children nurse does.

Age appropriate Language

Age appropriate resources. ( leaflet)

If the family is smoking than the child nurse has to talk with the family. Can include safe guarding issues if they don’t give up smoking. For eg; asthma

You can play with children because they learn through playing.


Learning Disability Field of Nursing   

  • Define field of nursing
  • Give examples of what characteristics a person with a learning disability person may exhibit
    • Communication challenges, written & verbal
    • Difficulty conceptualising
    • Challenging behaviour
  • What is the role of the learning disability nurse in promoting health regarding the chosen health issue?
    • Social inclusion, considering the service user’s vulnerability
    • Person centred approach
    • Positive image – not using labels, terms
    • Accessing health care, primary/community
  • Consider why communication is so important for a person with a learning disability when a nurse is promoting health
  • Useful document: Public Health England (2015) Guidance Learning disabilities: applying All Our Health


Learning Disability; Define learning Disability

Reference what learning Disability nurse does.

Picture cards (Communicating)

Advocate (NMC)

Speak up for them

Capacity to understand.

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