1. Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Chinese government was exploring the strategy for the economic development. Based on the discussion in lecture 2,
please explain:
a. (10 points)Why China choose the Soviet economy model? (max. 100 words)
b. (10 points)What is the most important feature of the Big Push strategy? Please
explain your reason (max. 100 words)
c. (10 points) Please discuss how do you think the Big Push strategy could contribute to
the economy of China? Please keep it as an open discussion in both positive and
negative impact (max. 100 words)
d. (10 points) If you can provide suggestions to the economic strategy to the Chinese government, what policy would you like to propose the most? (max. 100 words)

2. Choose a period of 10 years, download the GDP and GDP growth rate data from the source below and try to explain:
a. (10 points)Please plot the data and describe the basic trend of the GDP and the
changes of GDP growth rate during this time period. (max. 100 words)
b. (10 points)Please state three factors that you think should be the most important determinants to this trend/changes. Just a suggestion for you to kick off you analysis: you may try to think in the aspects of macroeconomic policy, trade and foreign investment, technology, human capital, or enterprises and consumers’ behaviors. (max. 100 words)


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