You have two different options for organization.  Each one addresses the opposition’s views and shows why you’re right or why their criticism isn’t needed.  Their views may be the opposite of yours.  With the death penalty, one side argues that it lowers the crime rate; the other side argues that it raises it.  They are the opposite of each other.  With abortion, however, one side argues that it is the taking of a life and the other side argues that it’s a woman’s right to choose; these are not opposite but are, instead, completely different arguments.  Either of these methods can be an A paper or an F paper; they are all equal options, but the final one is the most advanced argument technique and usually creates a paper with better flow.  The numbers below refer to sections, not paragraphs.  The body section, for example, is section 3, but it must be at least three paragraphs long.  For some of you, it may take 2-3 paragraphs to prove each point.  These sections are as long as they need to be, not a set number of paragraphs or pages.

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