A requirement for ENG101 by both the college and the state is that students write a formal research paper.

All ENG101 students will write a formal research paper that is at least 6 full pages; the Works Cited page is NOT included in this page count. This research paper will use the MLA Style for both formatting and documentation.

Here are the details:

The research paper will need to be at least 6 FULL pages long, not including the Works Cited page at the end. Do not go over 7 pages.
The paper will have MLA Style for documentation of citations, sources, and essay formatting. Please refer to the resources located throughout the course for information and assistance. Also, feel free to contact me individually by email at least a week before this project is due (this allows for response time) with any questions you might have.
You are to select your own topic for this research project. The proposal submitted earlier in the course will determine your topic.
The paper will need to have a deductive thesis to keep the paper focused and organized. Unit 3 explains how to develop the thesis and use it for an organization.
Include one visual aid such as a picture, graphic, table, chart, etc. in the research paper and give credit (document according to Purdue OWL) to the source of this visual aid. In the six pages this assignment requires, the graphic can take up no more than one-half of one of those pages. (That really means 5.5 pages of writing with .5 of a page allowed for the visual aid). This visual aid requirement is to be in compliance with state guidelines for the class.
The paper needs to have at least 4 outside sources. At least half of the sources you use need to be non-internet. By non-internet, this means general web pages found through a search engine such as Google Advanced Search. It is acceptable to use library sources that are accessed online, such as the college’s system of OhioLINK and the EGCC Gateway. Please refer to the links below for assistance in accessing these library sources.
https://egcc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ONLINE-LIBRARY-QUICK-START.pdf (Links to an external site.)

https://egcc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/PASSWORD-LINK-information-Oct-06-2017.pdf (Links to an external site.)

The paper uses a formal, academic tone of voice: third person.
The paper is an original creation for this course session and not a reworking of any previous essay submission from any prior course experience.



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