Brief background of each of these cases. What factors, which may include
economic, political, historic, cultural, institutional conditions and changes, did
contribute to the creation and growth (decline) of the three nonprofit
 Examine the several individuals who were leaders in these cases. Did they work
together, or were at cross purposes? Did they subscribe to different values?
Contexts? Why were they different?
 Conduct a SWOT analysis (that is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
threats) for each of the cases and identify strategic issues.
 Provide at least four performance measures that are currently used by each of
the three cases. If they do not have (good) measures, please suggest and
develop them.
 What are the major functions of the organizations? Are these functions clearly
expressed in the organizations’ mission statements? If not, please provide
suggested improvements.
 Evaluate the costs and benefits of each case.
 Using your textbook identify five essential elements that apply in each of these
cases. What needs to and can be improved in these cases and what did you
learn/determine that will lead to better administration of and leadership.



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