• Discussion of findings:
o How is your diet influenced?
♣ Who plans/makes your meals?
♣ How accessible is food- physical location and affordability?
♣ Why do you choose the foods you choose?
♣ Do you choose foods because you know or think they are good for you?
o What are you eating/drinking patterns:
♣ Do you snack? Do you eat meals?
♣ What are your habits? i.e. do you snack while studying?
♣ How does your diet vary from weekends to weekdays?
o Activity
♣ How active are you?
♣ What affects your activities of daily living activity?
♣ What affects your ability to participate in planned physical activity?

o Analysis of diet
♣ Use tools from mydietanalysis to evaluate your diet
• Adequacy-Compare to recommended intake: energy, protein, vitamins*, minerals*, fiber
o *Inadequate if meeting less than 75% of recommended intake.
• Moderation – Evaluate your intake of excess sugar, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium
• Balance- are you taking in a balanced intake of macronutrients? Compare to the balanced plate.
• Variety- Examine the variety of foods you eat within food groups. For example, what color vegetables do you typically eat? Do you eat the same meals every day?

• Action Plan: Create action plan of changes you will implement for Step 2 of project
o Attain a plan to address 3-4 changes in lifestyle or activity and nutrition that are in need of attention based on your reports
o When making decisions about action plan goals, consider major strengths and weaknesses of diet and why you choose the components of the action plan. Use evidence from the reports and your analysis, but also what is most important to you.
o Include how you are going to make logical changes that can be maintained (variety required for most people).

o Increase protein intake consistently at dinner meal to better meet protein needs
♣ How: Add 4 oz tofu or 1 cup plain low fat greek yogurt (or equivalent) to dinner every night
♣ Balance: Reduce starch intake by ½ cup to balance calories and to make room for calories from protein

You must write based of the finding there is picture attached and based on it you write discussing



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