What bothers you most about other people?

Others’ behavor that you don’t like
2. What are the three criteria you have used in deciding if business school is the right fit for you? (250 words)
indicate why business school fits you?
3. Which leader do you most admire? Why?2. “The two best days in a woman’s life are when someone marries her, and when he carries her dead body to the grave.”

Discuss and analyze the role of women in Ancient Athens, Sparta, and Rome, and discuss the factors that might account for the differences in their status in these societies. Besides socio- economic family and gender roles, how did Athenian, Spartan, and Roman Patriarchy affect the organization of State and Government, not to mention Religion and religious practices? And how would each gender model—Athenian, Spartan, and Roman—affect the development of civilization on Ancient Earth if adopted?