Question 1

  1. John, a lawyer in a trial, accused Paul (a witness in that trial) of being a thief while Paul was on the witness stand. Can Paul sue John? Explain using legal terminology


  1. Later that day John repeated the same statement about Paul outside of the courtroom. Can Paul sue John? For what specifically? Explain.


  • What if John actually has evidence that Paul was convicted of theft? Explain the legal implications for situation “ii”


Question 2

Sam a salesman, said to Joe, “This washing machine is as good as other well-known brands.” Joe bought the washing machine (for use at home) but is not satisfied with it and wished to sue Sam for fraud.

  • Explain the legal implications of fraud and misrepresentation in the UAE (including the relevant statute number and year)


  • Andexplain whether Sam is guilty of fraud and/or misrepresentation?



  1. Peter is declared insane by the courts. However, he signed a contract to buy a grand piano while he was on a lucid (sane) interval.



  • What is the effect of the agreement (valid, void or voidable)? Explain.


  1. What would be the legal implications of the signed contract if Peter was not declared insane by the courts? Explain.

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