Introduce the part of our CJ system which you believe is “broken” and in urgent need of reform. You already began this process last week with Journal #3, but for the final, you will expand. First, introduce your topic and your rationale/reasoning for focusing on this particular aspect of our CJ system (I.e. what is the function of your chosen focus with regard to the CJ system?). Then, introduce your claim as to why the need to fix this aspect of our CJ system is URGENT.

2. Research and Observation: Include research about your chosen topic. Examples of research include (but are not limited to) relevant court cases, legislation, current events, or academic journals which SUPPORT your claim. Depending on your chosen topic, statistics could be an important part of research as well. After you provide research in support of your claim, analyze the urgency of the need for reform; specifically, how does your research point to the NEED to change this “broken” part of our CJ system?