NUR09714 – Learning, Teaching & Assessment (Singapore): Marking Criteria

Essay Scenario


‘A second year student will be coming to a mentor’s work area for a 5 week placement. The mentor has been informed that the student had been underachieving in their previous placement. Discuss how the mentor would develop learning, teaching and assessment strategies to support the student to achieve a successful outcome. Utilise /refer to the module content, the learning opportunities and resources in the practice area and further reading, to develop your discussion. Conclude your discussion with how the learning gained would apply to your future practice as a mentor’.


Your 3,500 wordassignment should be structured in order to make it easy for your reader/marker to follow and understand. The headings and subheadings below are a suggestion and not prescriptive.


Section Marking Criteria Student Guidance
1. Introduction:




Outlines effectively and clearly what will be discussed in the assignment, including an outline of the content. Consider the context of mentorship in nursing. Please use your own practice area where the student is placed for the purpose of this essay.


(6% weighting)

You should outline what you are going to discuss in the assignment.

Briefly discussthe importance of mentorship in clinical practice. It is expected that this would be supported by the literature.





2.Main Body:





Discuss the underachieving student and the role of the mentor, identifying key qualities of an effective mentor






Identify learning style/s and their application to learning, teaching and assessment of your student





Application of learning theories for example: andragogy/pedagogy, cognitive and behavioural



The importance of the clinical learning environment













Assessment to promote learning in practice.





This is the main part of your assignment – remember this section should be fully referenced.       

(70% weighting)          

Suggested Content (not necessarily in this order – but requires to be of good sequence)

Explore the literature related to under achieving students and the consequences of failing to fail the student.

Identify the common behaviours of underachieving students

Explore the literature related to the role of mentor in clinical practice and the unique relationship with their mentee.

Discuss the range of learning styles and the ways in which learning styles can be identified. Ascertain why learning styles are key to learning, teaching and assessment.

Specify your mentees learning style and apply to your discussion and analysis.

Determine how knowledge and application of learning theories in your role as mentor can enhance student learning. Demonstrate how you would apply theory to mentorship.

Explore the literature to consider how the clinical environment impacts on the student learning experience


Provide evidence of SWOT analysis and how you make use of this in practice.  This can relate to clinical learning environment.


Consider objective setting during the initial interview using a SMART approach


This section should emphasise the value of accurate record keeping.


Consider the use of an action plan to demonstrate accurate record keeping and rationale as to why use this.




The role of self-awareness and emotional intelligence – knowing yourself and others.

Consider the Importance of orientation/induction to the team and clinical area. Discuss the learning opportunities and resources in your own practice area to maximise student learning.

Development of relationships with the wider team should be evident and demonstrate how this can support or obstruct learning.

The importance of two way feedback (student and mentor)


The process of providing timely assessment, focusing on the significance of the mid (formative) and final (summative) assessment



3. Conclusion & Recommendations


This section should summarise the main aspects of your essay. There should be no new points being made or references here.


(10% weighting)

6% Conclusion

4% reflection on new learning

The recommendations should be what you have learned as being a mentor having completed this module and how this will impact on your future practice as a mentor.

You can use ‘I’ to discuss your new learning (but only here in the conclusion)


4. Presentation & Sequencing Assignment presented in accordance with University Guidelines

Logical sequencing of assignment

Accurate grammar & spelling

Accurate referencing  using the APA 6th system

Assignment adheres to 3500 word limit.

(4% weighting)

Quotes used in text should include the page number within your essay.

If English isn’t your first language – or you are not confident in written English – make sure you check your spelling and grammar using the spell and grammar checkers in ‘Word’ or ask a friend or colleague

Adhering to the word count will positively impact your essay (please see guidance re this in module handbook). You must aim to keep within 10% of allocated word count.

5. References Accurate APA 6th system referencing in accordance with University guidance.



( 10% weighting)

You always need to use APA 6th. If you are unclear about what this means consult the Referencing Flashcards in the General Assessment section on Moodle

Remember to ensure all references in the text and written in full on the list.

Avoid plagiarism, by using the Turnitin drop box for checking your essay originality.  Please note your essay may only submitted once in the Turnitin drop box for checking.


6. Appendices Clear & informative (please note: this should only include relevant information and be kept to a minimum)

Avoid the use of appendices

Please consult your Academic Supervisor before including any appendices

Appendices are not included in the word count.

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