Part 1: You learned what happens biochemically during a fast in Chapter 7. Now you get an opportunity to expand that knowledge through your own research. Search the internet for an article that deals with “The Benefits of Fasting” or “Negatives related to Fasting”. Keep in mind the sources you will likely find are “popular sources”… and you will evaluate the source you select. (You may also want to review Highlight 1 of your textbook).
Consider the definition that the author uses for a “fast” and what you have learned in this course about fasting. Then, based upon your nutrition knowledge, assess the CREDIBILITY of the author’s advice. As part of that evaluation, consider the education and training of the author and the cited experts. You will be critiquing a popular source and stating why you Should Not or Should believe the theories and statements based on the SCIENCE….tell us why you agree or disagree with the article using that context.

Part 2: Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation. Select one food item that you ate during the week. Write a narrative describing how that food is used by your body and turned into energy. Be detailed, specific and use the appropriate terminology and science (from your reading in Chapter 7). Be sure to cite your sources and include your reference(s).

Book used is understanding nutrition 5th edition by whitney and rolfes


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