Briefly introduce (outline) the approach that you are
going to talk about. Briefly outline its
main contributions to education or teaching and learning.

2: Outline the approach with regard to motivation.

Are students intrinsically motivated or extrinsically
motivated? Or is it some of both? Or is motivation not dealt with? Or is motivation neither intrinsic nor

3: Outline the approach with regard to connecting new knowledge to previous

Is new knowledge based on what the students already
know? How is this done?

If you choose a behavioral approach you can substitute
behavior for knowledge. In other words,
are new behaviors developed from previously learned behaviors? How is this done using a behavioral approach?

4: Outline the approach with regard to differentiating instruction.

Is instruction differentiated? For example, are there different approaches
to instruction depending on the age of the students? There can be many other examples.

5: Outline the approach with regard to multiculturalism.

Does the approach suggest that ‘one size fits all’
across cultures, or does it suggest that learning is culturally dependent? Does the approach emphasize social learning
or is it based on individual learning?

6: Outline the approach with regard to technology in the classroom.

Is there emphasis on the use of technology in the
classroom? If so, how is it used and
with what effect?