(1) Define stereotype and briefly explain how commonly held stereotypes have been maintained and legitimized by various institutions such as families, schools, churches and the media.

(2) Select two stereotypes, covered in class, in which race/ethnicity, gender and sexuality intersect. They cannot be of the same race/ethnicity.

(3) How do race/ethnicity, gender and sexuality intersect in the stereotypes you have selected?

(4) Who created these stereotypes and for what purpose? Note: This will require you to provide historical context, such as the animosity of some white Americans toward Chinese immigrants who were willing to work longer hours for lower wages.

(5) In what ways do you think race/ethnicity, gender and sexuality intersect in contemporary stereotypes of blacks, Latinos and/or Asians? Provide two examples.

(6) How hopeful are you that we will reach a place as a society where these types of stereotypes no longer exist? What specifically makes you feel this way?