Answer all the following questions:


  1. Explain why the French explorers in America had such good relations with Native Americans while the Spanish did not (3 points)


  1. Why was the Columbian Exchange bad for the environment and give one example not used in class (i.e. do not talk about kudzu or Asian carp) to illustrate this point [you can use the internet to find an example if needed] (2 points)


  1. Describe two social differences between the Northern and Southern colonies, and give two explanations for why differences existed (6 points).


  1. What was mercantilism and why did the colonists resent it? Why didn’t they rebel once the policy was imposed on them by England? (3 points).


  1. Give a one sentence description (1 point) and two significances (4 points) for each of the following terms: a) the “middle passage” b) the Boston Massacre


  1. How did the French and Indian War affect relations between the colonies and England and give two detailed reasons why this change occurred? (5 points)


  1. Why did the colonists object to the Coercive Acts? (3 points)


  1. I said in class that our Founding Fathers felt it necessary to use The Second Treatise of Government to justify the American Revolution. Explain in your own words what I meant by that. (3 points)



  1. Use only your notes and textbook to complete this assignment.
  2. Submit your exam using Microsoft Word or a similar program (if you use Google Docs or Apple Pages you must save it as a Word document)
  3. DO NOT plagiarize (e.g. copy from the textbook or other people’s essays, cut and paste from the web, etc.).  Anyone doing this will fail the assignment
  4. As a general rule points = sentences but remember – when I read your answers I do it as someone who has no knowledge of the subject.  You must assume nothing, be thorough with your answers and be sure to explain “why” even if you think it is “something everyone knows.”   Giving examples to illustrate your points will be important
  5. You can e-mail me questions and I will answer them as best I can.
  6. The assignment is due on the day specified in the syllabus.  Late papers will be penalized.

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