With the rise of technology and social media, the criminal justice system has increasingly become transparent and information is now easily accessible and widespread. Your task is to research a recent controversial case in which a verdict was pronounced and provide a full, analytical report on it, responding to the following questions:

What crime was committed? Who was being charged?
What was the controversy? What concerns did it raise about the criminal justice system? What is your stance on the issue? What steps could be taken to resolve this controversial issue?
What forms of technology were used in the investigation process? How did they affect the case? Do you believe the verdict would have been different if these forms of technology had not been used?
How did social media portray and/or affect the case?
What was the nature of the trial? How long was it? How many jurors were there? What was the verdict?
If applicable: Do you agree or disagree with the sentencing? Why/why not?