Part 1: Research
Research 3 different web resources to identify pros and cons of Internet grocery Shopping.
List the three sources.
Identify at least five pros and cons.
Based on the pros and cons you found, would you utilize Internet grocery shopping as an independent adult? Explain why or why not in one solid paragraph below (minimum 5 sentences).

Part 2: Comparison Shopping
Choose one of these store circulars to use:
Food Lion
Choose one of these Internet grocers to use:
Kroger’s Click and Pick
Walmart Online Grocery
Make a prediction as to which venue will offer the best prices/deals – In store or Internet
Select 5 foods, one from each food group (dairy, protein, fruit, vegetable, and grain).
Shop each of your venues for the five foods. Create a chart similar to the one below for each venue to record your findings;
Was your prediction correct? Explain why or why not?
What did you discover about the deals/prices of the stores you selected?
Is there a fee to utilize the online shopping service? if so, what is the amount and how would that impact the overall price of your groceries?
Was your prediction correct? Explain why or why not?



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