Throughout history there have been an untold number of violations of human values and ideals. All too often they have resulted inhuman rights’ violations and in extreme cases genocide. Examples include the Holocaust during World War II, the “ethnic cleansing” in the former Republic of Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the refugee crises stemming from civil war in Syria, the humanitarian crises in Myanmar, and the unfolding situation in Afghanistan. Practically daily, one can learn of human rights crises occurring somewhere in the world. Analyze the following quote by Professor Elie Wiesel. Conduct relevant historical and current research and explain what it has taught you about ethics and yourself. “We must choose between the violence of adults and the smiles of children, between the ugliness of hate and the will to oppose it. Between inflicting suffering and humiliation on our fellow man and offering him the solidarity and hope he deserves. Or not.” Elie Wiesel, Open Heart