1. You are to select one of the following essay topics only.
2. Word limit is 2000; assessment value = 40%; due date is Wednesday 17th April.
3. Referencing: Refer to the Harvard Quick Guide

Marking criteria:
1. Demonstrate a cogent response to the essay topic.
2. Demonstrate a considered understanding of and engagement with the topic’s key terms.
3. Incorporate considered engagement with at least two further readings in response to the essay
4. Demonstrate the conventions of academic research and writing in terms of: the practice and
techniques of citing others’ words and ideas; the structure of argumentation; the tone of academic
5. Deploy the mechanics of written expression appropriately.

1. How does poetry threaten philosophy’s claim to know reality in the Republic? Respond to this question with reference to the Republic Book X 595a-602b.
2. In what sense is writing opposed to speech and in what sense is speech a kind of writing in the Phaedrus?
3. Analyse Socrates’ presentation of love in relation to the body and in relation to the soul in the Phaedrus. Pay particular attention to Socrates’ second speech on love (pp.59-70).
4. What is the status of the secret in “The Beast in the Jungle?”
5. Analyse the representation of one or more of the female characters in Euripides’ Women of Troy. Your response should consider the status of virginity, female sexuality and/or maternity.

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