Briefly describe the managerial on-the-job training and
rotation methods for developing senior managers.

Describe some of the challenges to a competency-based pay
Question 9
What does the staffing decision “Should our talent
focus be internal or external?” mean?
Question 10
Briefly explain the strength-based approach to employee feedback
during the performance appraisal process.
Question 11
Louise is about to be promoted to night manager at the ACMEdistribution warehouse. Louise’s first question when she was interviewed is howcan she gain the employees’ trust as a mentor. What would you tell Louise about
trust and the manager role?
Question 12
Briefly explain performance management in the context of
assessing performance at work.
Question 13
Explain why choosing an appropriate setting when giving
employee feedback matters.
Question 14
Describe why a company needs to be organized and consistent
with its HRM practices, especially when leveraging human capital (resources).
Use an example to illustrate.