Detailed description of assessment

Leadership Development Plan (90%)

Part 1:Vleader Practice and Reflection: Computer-based Simulation

Part 2:Awareness and Assessment: Your Leader Self-Insights

Part 3:Integration and Extension: Personalised Leadership Approach& Development Plan

Part 1:Vleader Practice and Reflection (approximately 1500 words)

You should also submit a 1,500 word reflective report highlighting your learning outcomes from playing scenarios. For each scenario, you are required to reflect on:
 What effective steps did you undertake to resolve this scenario?
 What were the key learning points from this scenario?
 What leadership insights/academic theory supports your conclusion?
Keep in mind-The score you achieve on each play is not the most important outcome by itself. We do not “mark” each time you log on or play vLeader, nor do we look only at the highest score, the last score, or the average score. It is a combination of all of the above – and most importantly, whether you can interpret, explain, discuss, and apply what you have learned.

Part 2:Awareness and Assessment: Your Leader Self-Insights (approximately 500 words)

You are required to complete the assigned sequence of self-assessment exercises called Leader?s Self-Insight (copies of these are to be found in the core textbook by Richard Daft, and they will also be posted online for your access). These exercises relate to aspects of your leadership abilities, attributes, and potential for continued development. First, you must complete and report the results (scores or other indicators) for each Leader?s Self-Insight. Then, you will write a brief interpretation of what this means for you (using at least five assessments), along with an integrating conclusion. Choose the FIVE assessments that you feel are most insightful and (or) relevant to your continuing leadership development plan. Of course, you are welcome to write interpretations for more than five assessments if you wish.

Part 3:Integration and Extension: Personalised Leadership Approach& Development Plan (approximately 2000 words)

(1) Your Personal Model

(2) Thorough explanation of all elements in your Personal Model.

(3) Your Personal Theories of leadership

(4) Gaps between Espoused Theory and Theory-in-Use

(5) Your Personal Leadership Plan with specific steps/ideas (Alignment-closing gaps

REQUIRED research report:
? You must also build upon current ideas on leadership thought (that you should find in the form of theoretical and empirical research).
? Reference an emergent leadership theory to ground and support your own view.
? Requires at least 10 external sources (minimum) from peer-reviewed academic journal articles or books published since 2007.

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