Assignment Instructions

A preselected case study will be provided to you.

Write the following papers
The Proposal
Scholarly Support for your Proposal

Assignment Requirements

The Proposal

This paper will be in the form of a proposal to the organization. Because this document is a proposal to an organization, it is not a scholarly paper (which means you can use relaxed, first-person language and your paper will not include references or citations). The length of this proposal may vary depending on the type of approach and intervention you choose. Keep in mind, content is more significant than length. In your proposal,

Identify the key problems and challenges,
Explain what you would do initially (justifying your course of action),
Propose an intervention to meet the organization’s needs, and
Explain how you would evaluate the outcome.
Include what you will require to complete your intervention (what people, what resources, how much time, etc.).
Include an appendix that outlines the timeline/agenda you propose and plan to follow.

Scholarly Support for your Proposal

Begin this paper by identifying the key themes on which your proposal is founded. These themes will be topics we’ve discussed and read about in the class. Informing your paper with scholarly journal articles, address each identified theme:

1. Justify the theme as significant to the discipline of I-O psychology (i.e., other disciplines, such as business, economics, accounting, and sociology may lay claim to this theme).

2. Defend the rightful place of I-O practitioners in this arena.
Provide theoretical support for the approaches you recommended in your proposal.


A. Appendix- 1 page long

B. (Proposal) Not counting the appendix, it should be from 3 pages long.

C.(Support) The length of this paper will be consistent with the number of identified themes, likely in the area of 5 pages.

APA Formatted Document

Total pages 9 pages




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