Discussion Homework: Week 3


In this week’s poetry and prose, we see vivid imagery and figurative language used to convey both public and private/domestic concerns of New England Puritans.

Copy at least one quote each from Bradstreet, Taylor, Sewell, Mather, and Edwards. For each quote, discuss:

why you selected it and how that quote is representative of the writer;
whether the quote shows personal or public concerns – or whether there is an overlap between the two;
the extent to which the quote fits your expectations of Puritan life and/or the extent to which it diverges from those expectations.

Write in complete sentences.

RESPONSES (complete by 2/18):

Read through your peers’ posts and respond to two posts containing ideas that interest you, discussing your peers’ points or asking questions for further clarification. Be civil in your discussion, even if you disagree.


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