Each student will research and prepare a mini autobiography on the life of a notable individual who lived during the time period covered in this course. The student will choose the individual WITH INSTRUCTOR’S APPROVAL; otherwise, the instructor will assign the individual to be researched. Throughout the semester there will be assignments building toward that paper, including the topic and thesis statement (worth 10 points), the Bibliography (worth 10 points) and the Rough Draft (worth 30 points).The paper, which will be properly footnoted and include a Bibliography, will be five to seven pages in length, double-spaced and standard (12) font.  It will be acceptable college level work as to grammar, sentence construction and spelling. The instructor will provide information on correct formatting of footnotes for all citations and of a Bibliography for all sources.  There should be at least FIVE sources, including both primary and secondary sources.In the paper, the student will take the role of his or her historical personage. The paper, written in first person “I” form, will tell the reader who this person is, discuss the important events of the person’s life, and most importantly, ANALYZE significant events of the person’s life; for example, Adolf Hitler might attempt to justify his annexation of Czechoslovakia and invasion of Poland, leading to World War II. The paper will conclude with a statement or statement of the significance of that person in history.Themes as political events during their lifetimes, religion, the role of women in society, etc. Each student should be prepared to discuss such topics, with the instructor acting as moderator, in character and before the class on the Class Presentation date(s) given on the Class Schedule.

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