I chose Japan as a culture
1. Describe the key characteristics of your selected culture/subculture, and include the
prescribed areas for exploration:
a. How is the culture learned and transmitted across generations?
b. What aspects of the culture are shared within the community? (ie: values, beliefs,
c. What symbols and ideas define the culture’s environment and experiences?
d. What kinds of changes have occurred within the culture?
e. In what pattern of human activity does the culture manifest itself? (ie: food, art,
clothing, language, religion)
2. Select an activity or location to visit for exploration of your chosen culture/subculture.
a. Note: Examples of places where you might explore another culture: e.g., a place of
worship, an ethnic restaurant, a community event (such as a fair put on by an ethnic
group), etc.
3. Provide a rationale for why you chose your selected location or activity to experience your
chosen culture/subculture group.
a. How does this location or activity suitably represent your selected culture?
b. How do you think your experience at the location or activity will help you explore the
selected cultural/ subcultural group?
4. Provide a detailed itinerary for your cultural exploration.
a. Download and review: Cultural Exploration: Sample Planning Table (available on
overview page) and the Cultural Exploration: Planning Template (available on
overview page).
b. Fill out the template with the following information:
i. Estimate how much time you will spend visiting your selected location.
ii. What are the dates you that intend to go visit?
iii. What do you plan to do during the cultural exploration activity?
c. You will need to spend an approximately 6 hours at your selected location.
d. Include this proposed itinerary in the paper.
5. Describe expectations that you may have about your cultural exploration.
a. Are you excited or apprehensive to visit your selected location?
b. Do you think this visit will change any of your perspectives or biases? Explain.
c. Do you feel that this visit will be a positive experience for you? Explain.
6. Submit your proposal and Cultural Exploration Table.
7. Complete your cultural exploration once your instructor approves it.


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