In 2009, President Obama said the single greatest threat to United States security was the global recession. How does a global recession impact U.S. security? Why does a global recession matter? Security experts note that the economic downturn is already creating social unrest and political instability in some strategic hot spots around the world, and they warn that a prolonged slump could undermine U.S. and Western security interests.

The global economy is an important issue of particular importance to people of all ages in all parts of the world. As our world experiences a deep economic downturn, what is the best plan of action to combat global recession? A global crisis requires a global solution. For the final segment of this semester’s final project, your task is to prepare a 5 minute speech that outlines your plan to solve the global economic crisis.

Discuss one or more of the economic systems and how they are impacted by and/or contributing to the economic crisis
Display understanding of current issues with supporting evidence
Discussion of specific problems that need to be addressed as well as suggestions for potential solutions with supporting evidence
Outline of goals for the future and how those goals can be reached