Give a brief overview of your educational background and experience in healthcare or other business. Share a personal experience dealing with healthcare reimbursement and any inefficiencies with the process. How does reimbursement tie into the revenue cycle?The live performance sector of the music industry was profoundly disrupted in 2020-21 due to the onset of the global pandemic. Firms and artists responded in a variety of ways to the sudden suspension of club gigs, concerts, touring and festivals. Live streaming in particular emerged as a way for artists to engage with fans during the lockdown period — examples included DJ sets on Instagram, Versuz battles, musicians performing from their homes, remote collaborations, virtual festivals, and much more experimentation besides. Touring is restarting as most pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted. Using examples of live streaming events that you may have seen and/or are interested in researching, write an essay that explores the commercial opportunities and pitfalls of this space, and extrapolate from your analysis to suggest what trends may become normalized and sustainable over the next couple of years as the world emerges from the global pandemic and live entertainment returns.