SWG 590, Strengths Analysis Paper Assignment

Using the Gallup generated Strengths-Based Leadership Report with your personalized Strengths Insights, and the Strengths-Based Leadership book, prepare a 6-8 page analysis, not including the title page and reference page.    In the paper, provide the following:

  • A critical analysis of the validity, to you, of the top five identified Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes for you. Identify which parts of the themes’ descriptions applied most accurately to your functioning to date and any parts of the themes’ descriptions that do not seem to apply with an explanation for both.
  • Identify how you have seen these strengths utilized by you to date in the social work field, either through field placements or paid work experience with clearly described examples.
  • Explain how cultural issues that define you have contributed to the development of these strengths, including any discrimination or oppression experienced to date.
  • Review how your five top leadership themes fit within the four domains of leadership strength identified within the Strengths-Based Leadership Report and what this means in terms of your need to develop a leadership team with professionalsthat exhibit complementary strengths.
  • Describe how your work to date in teams (ex. at work, in school project groups, etc.) has likely been influenced by the leadership themes present in other group members as well as your own. Identify strategies you could utilize to influence the team dynamics in a positive way and how you would plan to make those changes.   Please include how the changes in team effectiveness can positively impact the clients served by the social work organization.
  • Based on the four basic needs of followers as outlined by Rath and Conchie and the description of how your five strengths could be applied to these four basic needs, clearly articulate how you will integrate these four basic follower needs into your own leadership style.

Make sure that the Title page, body of the paper and the reference page are written in APA format.    Proof read to ensure the proper spelling, grammar and syntax are used, including not ending any sentences with a preposition or using any contractions within the body of the paper.    This is a professional paper and should be written accordingly.

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