The ultimate purpose of the law is to make society better. Develop an essay that will explain why society will or will not be better if: The sale of all vaping products illegal to sell in Canada. If caught selling products, store owners or individuals will face fine and potential jail.

Your Task:

– Using a minimum of two outside sources and our class debate as inspiration, imagine that you are to go to court to either uphold or challenge one of the above statements. Your response must meet the following criteria:

1) Write a 500-750 word, a three-paragraph essay that will either appeal or defend the statement.

a. Paragraph one: Introduce your essay with a strong thesis that clearly states your view. Next, outline how you will support your argument. It may be helpful to explain the current law in Canada regarding your topic. (REMEMBER: source all outside resources) This is an opinion piece, but you must reference at least two outside sources to support your opinion.
b. Paragraph Two: Present the arguments that the opposition might use to discredit your thesis. This is where you will outline the arguments that you will prove incorrect with your third paragraph.
c. Paragraph Three: Explain why the opposition in wrong by discrediting their arguments and clearly defend your statement in a manner that proves your thesis. Use hypothetical and real-life examples to help you defend your position.

2. Follow MLA Rules
3. Be cited in text using FOOTNOTES or ENDNOTES

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