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1) After reading this week’s material and hearing the presentation, do you think Christianity would be considered conformity? Using the bible, cite one example of informational influence and one example of normative influence. In these 2x examples, what is your assessment: do you believe it was private conformity or public conformity?

Please reference either the Kassin text or 1x professional journal article and 1x verse in your answer.

2) Using The Zajonc Solution to Social Facilitation, give your assessment on the outcome of the following example: A group of college students is assigned a list of tasks to complete a presentation that is to be given at the end of class the same day. With the time limit set at 1x hour, the group begins their project.Do you think in everyday society, the Zajonc Solution is an effective way to predict the outcome of team/group events?Please cite 2x academic sources in your answer.

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