1. TX is the leading proponent state of the death penalty. We execute more people per year than all other states combined. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Should we abolish the death penalty in TX or is it necessary to keep law and order? What are your thoughts on it?

2. Several years ago a man named Travis Mullis, now 31 y/o, tried to solicit an eight-year-old girl for sex. He was unsuccessful, so he turned to plan B, he decided to molest and rape his infant son. Fearful of what others would think from the marks on his son’s body, he decided to destroy the evidence. He put the child’s head on the curb and smashed it with his foot several times until the child’s brains started coming out.Anyway, he was arrested, confessed, and sentenced to death.Not long ago, he decided to waive his appeal. He says he now wants and deserves to die.Should he be executed?For those of you arguing that the death penalty is wrong, does this sway you?For those of you arguing that the death penalty is good, does it bother you that he would prefer to be executed rather than sit in a cell for an eternity?

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