The activities below are designed to help you build up to this module’s assessment, the Standard Argument Essay.  The general requirements are outlined here, but reading the textbook and completing the activities will deepen your understanding of these directions. 

Goal: This assignment is designed to establish the basic features of an argumentative essay, as laid out in Chapter 7 of your textbook.  The entire chapter is an excellent review of much of what you learned in Comp. 1 about the writing process and essay structure, but also adds important advice about how all that works within an argument that uses sources.  (Page 274’s “checklist” on essay structure and style is a good list of the key features from the chapter.)

Topic: Your essay will argue your answer to the question, “is a college education worth the cost?”  Your answer to that question should be your thesis, and you’ll spend the rest of the essay defending that stance.

Sources: The readings on pages 32-57 and 679-694. You’ll only need to actually incorporate (and cite) three of the readings, but you’ll want your paper to be aware of the arguments in all of them. You won’t want to say something that’s been contradicted in other readings.

Structure: See the chart on page 24 for a reminder of how an academic argument should be structured. Each body paragraph should be clearly presenting an argument that supports your thesis.  You’ll then use evidence from the readings to support your view. Each body paragraph should include a specific reference (either a direct quote or a paraphrase) to a reading.

Length: 3 full pages (no cover sheet necessary)

Format: MLA format required (see p. 360-376 for instructions and an example of MLA format)

Rubric:  See the submission button below to view the rubric for this assignment

MLA Citation Machine Please click on the link to help with properly citing MLA format

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