A certain political party proposed that the government should determine whether a citizen has the right to vote judging by his/her academic qualifications and payable taxes. The political party proposed that only university graduates or individuals whose payable taxes exceed a certain amount would have the right to vote in the elections. The spokesman of the political party pointed out that history had taught us the one-person, one-vote system did not deliver the best leader to the people. Part of the population did not have the required wisdom or knowledge to judge the abilities of a candidate, and thus were easily deceived. Others voted arbitrarily without knowing the background, platform and vision of the candidates, resulting in the prevalence of “erratic voting”. The party believes that highly educated citizens should be given the right to vote, because knowledge and wisdom helps one discriminate between the true abilities of different candidates. Leaders chosen by better educated citizens naturally bring better welfare to the people. Besides, payable taxes represents one’s contribution to the society, therefore citizens who contribute more should be given the right to vote.

Make a decision whether it is better to have rule in place that only allow educated people to vote. Use the pie chart and explain what each element of thought adds to your decision-making.

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