In a typed, MLA Formatted essay:

Pick one literary device to explore through which to stage your analysis:
Characterization (about Daisy and Jordan)

At least 6 pieces of textual evidence (at least 3 should be direct quotations, 3 can be correctly cited paraphrases)

Discuss what these literary devices are saying about
Gender & Relationships

Between your two topics, come up with some sort of universal theme statement (or statements–can be more than 1 sentence). Aim for a multi-part theme statement (2 ideas are fine), rather than just one sole idea.

This means you CAN choose both gender AND class to discuss, or gender + another topic, or class + another topic.

Be sure to incorporate how the historical context of the 1920s supports your understanding of the text (parts 2 and 3). Include at least 2 sources from research to supplement your observations. Make sure to correctly cite your sources in your paper!

Feel free to use analyses from previous weeks in this unit to help form your paper.

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