Freire, P. (2007) Pedagogy of the Oppressed. (M. B. Ramos Trans.). New York, NY: The Continuum International Publishing Group, Inc. (Original work published 1968)Answer the questions:What does it mean to be humanized or dehumanized? Are there any key words or concepts that Freire associates with dehumanization?How does Freire define oppression? do you have a similar or different construct of oppression?Define False Generosity and give an example of it:What is “fear of freedom”? Provide an example of it.What is the “consciousness of the oppressed”? Likewise, what is the “consciousness of oppressors”?Critically evaluate one idea or argument made by Freire. Do you agree, partially agree, disagree, or partially disagree? List out any confusion, question, misgiving that you may

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