Term Paper VM (Value Management) and the Management of Value (VMMoV

The Assessment Brief

Value Management (VM) is defined by some as a style of management to align stakeholders across a value system, and which utilises a team-based process (often involving a workshop) and function analysis. This term paper asks you to apply VM to a specific project type – a surgical operating theatre. You are being asked by a client to consider how to facilitate deeper understanding across a value system(s) to show why something is or is not required and how it can be achieved. This assignment asks you to rehearse your use of VM and then to reflect on the delivery of a surgical operating theatre.


Taking your knowledge of the lectures and your private reading, contextualise and frame your use of the VM approach across system, service and product scales. Think carefully about the focus (remember that it is expected that you do 60 hrs of private reading and 80 hours doing the writing). You might for example want to focus on the healthcare system, or a clinical service or the theatre product. You may even like to drill deeper into a more specific technical VM application on a specific theatre element or component. Some might like to consider it from a different angle, perhaps a theatre designed for a space craft, or manufactured offsite. You are required to use at least 25 references and you are also encouraged to use some references from the reading lists. Your paper should include sub-titles parts such as introduction, main body, analysis part, summary and conclusions.


Assessment Criteria

Statement of Problem /30 A descriptive account of the general VM methods that will be best applied to the specific value system, team and function-based problem.


Analysis /40 The effective use of one or a number of tools to the specific operating theatre case. A critical / reflective evaluation of the VM approach, your implementation of it and the implications of the analysis.


Conclusions /20


There should be a clear description of what you have done, what you have found and why it has relevance.


Presentation /10 Tables/figures are used effectively and consistently. It should be clear when you are using descriptive, reflective and critical styles of writing. There should be correct referencing of literature.


Word limit: 3000 words

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