Select one of the four mindfulness based interventions we discussed in class (MBSR, MBCT, ACT, DBT)
Introduce and summarize the intervention: Make sure to describe a) the theoretical underpinnings of the intervention, b) key components of the interventions including the target population, structure/delivery, c) form and extent of mindfulness based practices used in the intervention, d) additional difficulties/diagnoses this intervention may be effective for according to research.
Search the academic databases (beyond google scholar) and pick 2 research studies (including meta-analyses if these are available) that examine the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the specific intervention you chose.* Upload a copy of the selected articles with your submission
Summarize the research findings – Make sure to describe what was studied, target population, what type of control group was used, what was the research question, the measured variable/s, findings, and your own short critique of the study
Discuss the research findings in light of the proposed mechanisms of action articles we discussed in class: What possible mechanisms of action are relevant with the intervention? How might they related to the intervention’s effectiveness with a particular population, or it’s lack of effectiveness? Explain the connections. If none of the proposed mechanisms seem to fit suggest why that may be and propose your own theory about the mechanism of action relevant to these studies and interventions. Make sure to demonstrate your understanding of mindfulness practice and it’s proposed mechanisms of action.
*Make sure you pick research that is of good quality, i.e.:

Published in a peer reviewed journal
Publishes in the past 7 years
Includes a control group
Reasonable sample size
Has interesting results

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