I have given you eight questions below. You must ONLY answer three (3). Please choose the three (3) questions below that you feel most comfortable and confident in answering. Each of these can be answered as a separate short answer (not an essay). The length is whatever it takes to fully address the question (but don’t write a book).

What are the two approaches to teaching a second language and which do you think is more effective? Why?
How are Piaget and Vygotsky different? Whose basic assumptions do you connect with? Why?
What are the most significant factors that make up a person’s temperament, and why are they important?
How do Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development help us better understand how we learn?
What are the three levels of Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning? Do you agree with his breakdown? Why or why not?
How do you encourage morals in a secular, public-school classroom?
What are examples of group differences, and how do these impact a person’s make-up?
How can a learner’s misconceptions about a subject get in the way of real learning?

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