Question #1

“Theories and Practice of Teaching Adults” Please respond to the following:

Consider a learning problem that you have encountered at your past or current workplace. Using at least one (1) of the brain-based strategies discussed in the article “You Can Lead Students to the Classroom, and You Can Make Them Think: Ten Brain-Based Strategies for College Teaching and Learning Success”, create a learning activity to address the identified problem. Explain how the activity relates to your selected brain-based strategy(ies), and suggest at least one (1) reason why you believe the activity would be effective with adult learners. Respond to at least one (1) other student.

Question #2

“Diversity and Inclusion” Please respond to the following:

Debate it: Assume you are a professor and the President of the Faculty Senate for a medium-size university in New England. Based on a recent Supreme Court decision, some faculty members and students are challenging the university’s Affirmative Action policies regarding faculty hiring and promotion as well as student admissions. You then see the following debate on the local evening news:

Watch Video
Affirmative Action “Creates More Racial Injustice”
Duration: (12:33)
YouTube URL:
Your university’s admissions policy is virtually the same as that of the University of Texas as outlined in the video. As President of the Faculty Senate, you must take a position for or against your university’s current admissions policy. Provide a rationale for your position based on your readings and the points made by each speaker in the video. Respond to at least one (1) other student.

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