This assignment will give you some experience in analyzing companies that are doing social media well, what they are doing that is working, and what challenges and successes they need to address.

1. Choose a hospitality company to look at and analyze. You will need to outline what it is doing as far as social media goes, but also discuss some of its success and challenges. Provide an overview of what the company has done so far on social media.
2. Pick another company associated with the company you originally selected in the industry. Some examples include
Wendy’s and Arby’s
Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts .
Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and KFC
Marriott and Hilton
Southwest and American Airlines
Carnival and Norwegian
And many others…

3. Provide your recommendations for each company and what it is doing on social media.
4. Address any gaps. This is where you identify the missed opportunities, and possible directions in which the company can go for the future. Discuss the overall insights you gathered from this exercise here.
5. Provide your references for citations appropriately.
Upload your assignment here. (Minimum 290 words)

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