The report will be a 2500 word individual report based on a strategic review of British Airways.

A suggested structure of the report is shown below:

Executive summary (300 words)
-An overview of the whole strategic review contained within the report
Strategic review (2200 words)
-A strategic analysis of the organization
-Environmental analysis
-Resources and competence analysis
-Recommendations for future development
-TOWS matrix and/or Ansoff matrix to generate strategic options.
-Review two or more options against the criteria of suitability, feasibility and acceptability.
-References (not included in word count)
-Appendices of supporting material (not included in word count)

Important Note: The above structure is ONLY a suggestion. There are many ways of writing a report & you should use what suits your style best.

Coursework general guidance notes:

• You must not do any primary research. All research should be conducted using secondary sources only.
• Diagrams and charts can be in appendices or throughout the body of the report. This is a style issue and is therefore up to you.
• “In text” referencing is part of the word count, but the references list is not.
• Normal rules apply as regards plagiarism.
• A contents page and page numbers are required.
• An executive summary should summarize the key points & findings in the report. It is not a plan of what you intend to do.
• You are not required to provide critique of tools and models in this report.
• Appendices are optional and must not exceed 5 pages (10 sides). They should support the main body of the report.

The goal is to:
1. Appraise strategic issues at business & corporate levels using appropriate frameworks & evidence to identify, develop & recommend strategic options.
2. Propose appropriate strategies for issue resolution & the strategic changes needed for their implementation.

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