1. Choose one of the topics from the suggested list, and develop a risk profile for the event describing its uncertainty characteristics (epistemic, aleatory or ontological), evidence justifying your choice and the type of risk(s) you perceive the event to be categorized under. (600 words)
Example of strategics and society-wide topics:
(1) Emerging Technologies and their social implications: Artificial Intelligence
(2) Privacy and security in the Virtual World: Facebook/Cambridge Analytics Scandal
(3) Civil flights in High Tension regions: The case of shot down Ukrainian Passenger flight 752 in Iran
(4) USA/China Trade War
(5) Brexit and its global implications (for society and business) § Irish Border Issue
(6) HS2 High-Speed Rail (UK)

2. Using the Poster structure provided, undertake a Strategic Risk Analysis of your chosen topic illustrating the depth of analysis specifically in the following:
(1) Problem/Challenge(s) (identify the key issues)
(2) Method (I.e. sources of data, type of analysis done etc.)
(3) Data Analysis – Illustrate patterns/trends or key data points which identify escalation of the situation.
(4) Potential Solutions (minimum 3)
(5) Recommendation – Your choice of the best solution based on your analysis.

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