Blog #1: The Social Determinants of Health

All references are from:

  • Great starting point: View “Unnatural Causes: In sickness and in wealth” as follows:
    • Go the UH library home page
    • Select Databases and Research Guides
    • Select Databases by Title/All databases by name in A-Z order
    • Select K and then Kanopy
    • Log in
    • Search for “In Sickness and in Wealth”
    • Select “In Sickness and in Wealth”
  • governmental sources (NIH; CDC; Healthy People 2020; Texas Department of State Health Services; City of Houston Health Department; etc.)
  • WHO website
  • University websites
  • peer reviewed journal articles

Blog Structure

  1. Definition and examples (1 point)
    1. Definition
    2. Three examples of social determinants of health
  2. How does social class relate to cortisol levels (1.2 points)
    1. What is the connection between social class and resources
    2. What is the connection between resources and sense of control
    3. What is the connection between sense of control and cortisol dysregulation
  3. Consequences (.9 points)
  4. Name two non-infectious diseases associated with cortisol dysregulation
  5. Name one infectious disease associated with cortisol dysregulation
  6. Explain what is meant by the health gradient
  7. Solutions (1.4 points)
    1. Individual approaches (stress management, other?)
    2. Social approaches (public policy, other?)
    3. References (.3 points) [for all blogs use AMA format per the OWL/Purdue website instructions]
    4. Exceptional Quality (.2 points)

Basic Instructions

  • Quotations may only be used for definitions and must be cited correctly. Failing to give credit for what you have written can result in a series of penalties that are described in the syllabus.
  • Copying the work of other students will result in a grade of 0 and may result in failing the course. There is no assignment that is worth copying from another student.
  • Use only high quality sources such as government agencies, the World Health Organization (WHO), university websites, journal articles, and other sources I specifically recommend. Organizations for which you provide links on the community and tools pages on your website are good sources.
  • Write for an 8th grade audience. People who visit your website may not have finished high school or gotten college educations. Translating technical information to common language is a real challenge I want you to face as part of your training for work in health promotion.

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