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The questions below are based on your reading the introductory essays in the Philadelphia Negro work Those essays, in addition to sections I thru X in the DuBois work are needed to complete this first assignment: Make sure you address the following:

1) What do you learn in the introductory essays of the Philadelphia Negro, especially the essay by BoBo, that helps situate an understanding to DuBois’s sociological and historical research on the African American community?

2) Why is it significant for DuBois to be the first sociologist introductory essays of the Philadelphia Negroto document the living situations of urban black Americans, and more importantly, how does DuBois go about his philosophical approach to the study?

3) What is the central claim/thesis of the work?

4) How does the thesis or central claim of the work become laid out? Provide chapter accounts of the work, sections one thru 10. Discuss why a historical account is important to the study of the Negro question.

5) What do you learn about the use of the “sociological imagination” in DuBois’s crafting of the social problem to which he refers?

6) So far in your reading, assess whether the work by DuBois is significant.

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