An essay written on 2 technological artifacts (gunpowder and printing press). have a prompt and have to cite at least 2 readings. We aren’t supposed to cite outside work, but the provided readings are very short and don’t provide a lot of useful information. This is a history, science, and technology paper. This is short notice, but would need it by 2 pm EST Feb 14.

Using at least two technologies we have discussed thus far, investigate the role of technology in historical change. Compare and contrast the uses of the technological artifacts you chose (e.g. printing press, air pump, caravel, herring buss, gunpowder, etc.) and identify their relation to and interaction with other social, political, and intellectual forces. Remember to be attentive to when and where the technologies are from, and where and where they were used, when discussing them.

You have to cite 2 required readings, but they are very short. Feel free to use outside information, but they can’t be cited as that is not allowed in the essay

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