1: There are different kinds of taxes governments can levy. TX traditionally wants to promote businesses and so taxes are kept low, with very low spending. Do you agree with this? Also, other states believe that taxing the wealthy is the fairest way of making society run whereas others say everyone should pay the same. What do you think and why? What model would be best for Texas?

2: Evaluate the role of sin taxes. Do you agree with them or not? Would you support a $10.00 sin tax on any of the following? Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping, fast food, going to a movie theater, cosmetics, plastic bags, or tanning salons?

3: Public policy is simply how things get done. It’s the choices we make as a society. For instance, you’ve probably heard of the no pass/no play theory. This is public policy where academic scores were so low, but NCAA recruiting in TX was high, so they linked the two. Under this theory, if the student does not meet a Grade point average set by the legislature, then that student loses the chance to engage in an extra curricular activity. Is this appropriate? What if the student is not doing well in Math, but is expected to be a top draft pick in the NBA. Should we scuttle his dreams and future in order to achieve a minimum score? Why or why not? What are the consequences if we do or do not?

4: Should TX focus as much on the vocational programs in schools (auto shop, cosmetology, etc.) or should we put more of our focus on getting our math and science scores up? Why?

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