Source of the textbook is: du Pre, A. (2017). Communicating About Health: Current Issues and Perspectives (5th edition). New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 978-0-19-027568-6This activity allows you an opportunity to discover how doctors, nurses, and other health care providers/professionals perceive and respond to the influence of culture in their interpersonal relationships with patients who are from a culture different from their own. This paper is to interview 1 individual who is health care provider for members of a diverse population other than their own. This individual could provide health care to patients from a different culture, ethnic, or religious group. You should inquire about the perceptions as they relate to the individual and the group with which they identify.The goal of this paper is to assess the impact of culture/ethnicity etc. on health and to identify various perceptions of health problems or gaps in health communication. Make sure that you identify the person you interviewed and why you selected the individuals that you did.Some of the questions you may want to ask the health care provider(s) include:

  • Describe some of the patients whom you see in your work.
  • Describe the cultural backgrounds of some of your patients-those patients whose cultural background is different from your own.
  • How would you describe the relationship between a patient and a health care provider?
  • How does communication play a role in a patient’s treatment?
  • What is the perception of access to health care for this population that is different from your own?
  • What problems or misunderstandings between health care professionals and people within this population commonly exist?
  • How is communication more challenging when the patient is from a cultural background different from your own?
  • What do you do to adapt to a patient’s way of communicating?
  • Describe a situation when you found communication with a culturally different patient particularly challenging.
  • How have a patient’s cultural beliefs about doctors and illness affected your communication with and subsequent treatment of this person?After you conduct the interview with the health care provider(s), then you should reflect on the interview by answering these questions yourself. Be sure to include these personal answers in your paper too:
  • What was the cultural background and gender of the person(s) you interviewed?
  • In what specific ways might their cultural background be influencing their interaction with patients?
  • How does culture generally affect the relationships between health care professionals and their clients?
  • Do you believe the health care provider’s gender influenced his/her responses to a patient’s culture? If so, how?
  • In your opinion, based on your work and reading, how does culture affect communication between health care providers and their patients?

Do not just answer the questions above in a bulleted list. This paper should be an essay, with an introduction, body, and conclusionYour paper should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font (3 typed pages total, not including the questions you asked the provider), with 1” margins all around. There should be no extra spaces between paragraphs. If you use outside data for this paper, then please provide references for any outside data, using APA 7th ed. format.

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