Assignment: This essay builds upon the discussion board reflections posted throughout the term. It is expected to be entirely reflective (as made clear by the prompt) and should contain absolutely no outside sources. It should be completed in the following steps:
Review what you are being asked to discuss within the paper (in the “Essay breakdown” below).
Read over what you wrote as a response for each film, and review any notes you took while watching it.
Compose a 5pg reflective essay addressing the prompt (in the “Essay breakdown” below).

Essay breakdown:
Opening of paper (40 points): one page
Introduce yourself by stating your major and career goals.
State where you live and how long you’ve lived there, and briefly describe your neighborhood and the people who live there.
Discuss how much you knew about HIV/AIDS before taking this class.
Body of paper (120 points): 2-3 pages
Discuss and reflect on the role of activism in the fight against HIV/AIDS and what accomplishments have been achieved.
Discuss and reflect on the ways those who have through action or inaction allowed the virus to spread, harmed people living with HIV/AIDS, or have hindered the fight against the epidemic in other ways.
Closing of paper (40 points): 1-2 pages
Compare and contrast what it is like to live with HIV in different places around the world.
Close with your thoughts on what you believe we should be doing locally, nationally and globally in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Formatting: failure to follow guidelines may result in a 20pt grade reduction
12 point Times New Roman font
Double spaced throughout paper
Indent first line of every paragraph
Edited for spelling, grammar, and typos

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