Answer each question in your own words. DO not copy and paste.
1. Define the four types of child abuse?
2. What are the risk factors for child abuse?
3. What other conditions can be mistaken for child abuse?
4. What type of physical injuries can be an indicator of child abuse?
5. How might an abused child respond emotionally in the clinical setting?
6. How should a nurse document suspected child abuse?
7. What is a mandated reporter and are nurses considered a mandated reporter?
8. What are the penalties for not reporting suspected child abuse?
9. What are the signs and symptoms of a femur fracture?
10. How do you assess a patent with a suspected femur fracture?
11. List the pathophysiology of neurovascular compromise in a femur fracture?
12. What diagnostic test would you expect to see ordered for a femur fracture (think radiology and labs)?
13. Why would a physician order these test listed above?
14. What interventions can a nurse perform to decrease the patient’s pain?
15. What are ways that a nurse could use to manage the emotional stress of caring for a suspected child abuse case?

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