1. (400-500 words)  From chpt. 4. Describe two reasonably detailed scenarios (imaginary, made-up ones, about 250 words each) where miniature and large wolves could have descended from an ancestral species of medium-sized wolves.  Only one of the scenarios can use allopatric speciation, the other has to use some type of sympatric or parapatric mechanisms.

2. (300-400) From chpt. 5.  Describe the relationship between primates’ ecology and their body size, gut size, and tooth morphology.

3. (200-300) From chpt. 5.  Tell me all you can (within word count, using only our book) about the differences between the three infraorders of Haplorrhine primates: Tarsiformes, Platyrrhini, and Catarrhini.

4. (300-400) From chpt. 6
First, briefly define reproductive strategies, then go on to describe two of the main differences between male primate reproductive strategies and female primate reproductive strategies.

5. (200-300) From chpt. 6
Explain how infanticide (the killing of an infant) evolved through sexual selection among some animals like langur monkeys. Hint: this is question about an adaptation, so it’s fundamentally a question of how infanticide serves the reproductive interests of the killer.  Notice too, of course, that it’s not the killing of one’s own infant, but rather the strategic killing of certain conspecifics’ (look up this word if you don’t know it) infants.

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